The Department of English of Kabi Jagadram Roy Government General Degree College started functioning from the very inception of the college. It started its modest journey in the year 2015 with 25 students admitted to the Honours Course (as was the intake capacity) and 2 students (From other Honours subjects) taking English as their General subject.  Presently the Department offers both Honours and General courses (1+1+1 pattern) in English under the University of Burdwan and CBCS courses (Semester based Honours and Programme Courses) under Bankura University. While the Department from the very beginning has focused on the systematic imparting of knowledge pertaining to the syllabus with an avowed aim of the attainment of decent results of the students, it has also earnestly insisted on inducing a passion for English literature among the students, going beyond the confines of mere syllabus. Since the employability of the students is also one of the important concerns of the Department, it also pays meticulous attention to developing the communication skills of the students. The Department has a satisfying library considering its initial stage and it stands assured to be furnished with the wealth of a well-equipped library in the years to come. To harness effectively the creative ingenuity of the students and also to increase their academic acumen and awareness of contemporary literature, the Department inspires the students to organize exhibitions and publish wall- magazines regularly. The Department is also determined to put into best use the boons of technology-based teaching-learning aids so that the academic interest of the students can further be excited. A cordial teacher-student relationship leading to an ebullient teaching-learning ambience is the hallmark of this Department. The faculty of this Department is engaged in different examination-related activities at the under-graduate level and individually in different research and research-related activities. With the sincere academic zeal of the students, the whole-hearted devotion of the faculty members, the support of infrastructural developments and the warmth of genial teacher-student relationship, the Department is resolved to reach the acme of progress, prosperity and excellence.

SL Name of Faculty Disipline Contact/Email Details
Sri Rajarshi Chatterjee
Officer-in-Charge & Associate Professor

Ms. Sutista Ghosh
Assistant Professor (HEAD)