The following are the committees and the convenors thereof for the session 2017-2018 nominated in the meeting of the Teachers’ Council, of Kabi Jagadram Roy Government General Degree College at Mejia (Gopalpur), held on 03.08.2017. Cooperation of all the convenors is earnestly solicited to ensure smooth and effective conduct of the various activities of the college. The names of the faculty members in different committees and cells are given below:

A.                Admission Committee


B.                University Examination Committee


1.       Avisek Sen, Convenor

2.       Debraj Das, Jt. Convenor

3.       Debesh Mondal

4.       Swati Sinha Babu

5.       Nivedita Chakraborty

6.       Suraj Kumar Karmakar


1.       Aloke Kr. Das, Convenor

2.       Siba Prasad Choudhury, Jt. Convenor

3.       Aindrilla Biswas

4.       Debesh  Mondal

             5.   Arpita Chauni

C.          College Examination Committee

D.               Routine Committee


1.       Arpita Chauni, Convenor

2.       Samim  Rahaman  Mollah , Jt. Convenor

3.       Swati Sinha Babu

4.       Indrani Hazra


1. Swati Sinha Babu, Convenor

2. Suraj Kumar Karmakar, Jt. Convenor

3. Avisek Sen


E.  Laboratory Setup and Instrument

      Installation Committee



F.               Store & Purchase Committee


1.                                                    Nivedita Chakraborty Convenor

2.                                                    Aloke Kr. Das , Jt. Convenor


1.                                                    Siba  Prasad  Choudhury, Convenor

2.                                                    Aindrilla Biswas, Jt. Convenor

3.                                                    Nivedita Chakraborty

4.                                                    Indrani Hazra


G.     Disciplinary  Action Committee


H.                    Library Committee


1.                                                    Debesh  Mondal, Convenor

2.                                                    Debraj Das, Jt. Convenor

3.                                                    Sutista Ghosh


1.       Avisek Sen,Convenor

2.       Swati Sinha Babu

3.                                                     Indrani  Hazra


I.        Teachers’ Welfare Committee

a)     Service Book Updation Sub-committee


I.                Teachers’ Welfare Committee

b)  Income Tax Sub-committee

1.   Nivedita Chakraborty, Convenor

2.   Sutista Ghosh, Jt. Convenor

3.   Asesh Kr Maji


1. Swati Sinha Babu,  Convenor

2. Suraj Kr Karmakar,Jt. Convenor

3. Avisek Sen.

4. Asesh Kr. Maji


J.       WBHS & HRMS Sub-committee


K.                Students’ Welfare  Committee

1.       Samim  Rahaman  Mollah, Jt Convenor (WBHS)

2.       Alok Kr Das Jt Convenor ( HRMS)

3.       Avisek Sen

4.       Asesh Kr Maji


1.      Indrani  Hazra Convenor

2.      Sutista Ghosh, Jt. Convenor

3.      Samim  Rahaman  Mollah,

4.      Siba Prasad Choudhury


L.        Canteen Management Committee

M.                  Campus Beautification

            1.Samim  Rahaman  Molla, Convenor

            2.Aindrilla Biswas, Jt Convenor

            3.Arpita Chauni


1.       Indrani  Hazra, Convenor

2.       Debraj Das, Jt. Convenor

3.                                         Swati  Sinha Babu

4.                                         Siba Prasad  Choudhury


N.            Website Updation Committee

O.   Saksham (Gender Sensitization & Sexual

       Harassment Protection) Cell     



       1.   Suraj Kumar Karmakar, Convenor

       2.   Arpita Chauni

       3.   Debesh Mondal


1.       Aindrilla Biswas,  Convenor

2.       Arpita Chauni, Jt. Convenor

3.       Sutista Ghosh

4.                                         Swati Sinha Babu

5.        Siba Prasad Choudhury


P. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Q.         Students Election  Committee

1.       Aloke Kumar Das, Convenor

2.       Suraj Kumar Karmakar, Jt. Convenor

3.       Asesh Kr Maji

4.       Sutista Ghosh


1. Debesh Mondal Convenor

2. Arpita Chauni Jt Convenor


R.                                                                Students Attendance Committee

                                                                 All departmental heads.



The Secretary of the Teachers’ Council, Prof. Roshni Sen is the Ex-officio member of all the committees.