Subject Combination


The college will follow Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) under the Bankura University. The main aim of that CBCS system is to enhance the ability and to develop the skill for the better employability of the students/learner. The applicants have to follow the following flow chart in this regard.

Application for Honours Degree Course or Programme Course (General)

For Honours Degree Course

For Programme Course (General)

Selection of subject/discipline (Bengali, English, History, Philosophy, Economics, Geology and Accountancy1)

Selection of any Two2 core subject/discipline


Selection of Generic 1 subject (Other than the subject selected for Honours Discipline)



1. The applicants for B.Com Honours Degree Course must have to follow the instruction regarding the generic subjects as per the syllabus and the norms of Bankura University.

2. Language 1 and language 2 are compulsory for B.A. and B.Com Programme Course (General). The options available in this college are Bengali (Modern Indian Language) and English.