Mission and Vision of our College

The college aspires to be led into the path of progress and prosperity through its definitive missions and visions. The missions of our college are--to provide advanced knowledge and skills to the students that will lead to empowerment and subsequently to the benefit of both the individual and the society, to motivate the students to achieve the highest level of excellence in their academic, professional and social life, to assure their harmonious development, to encourage innovative approach both for teaching and learning and finally to ensure a safe and sustainable working environment for the well-being of all the students and the staff. The visions of our college are—to encourage greater number of student enrolment from the weaker sections of the society, to inspire in the students the ideals of honesty and integrity so that they grow up to be morally upright and spiritually enriched citizens along with being academically sound and professionally qualified, to establish strong partnership with other academic institutions and industry houses, to explore the possibilities and potentials of resource persons for generating future resources and finally to emerge as a centre par excellence in the field of higher education.