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“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future”- Ray Bradbury

Perhaps no statement could have captured the significance of a library to a nation in more precise terms than this statement of Bradbury. A well-furnished library indubitably is one of the precious assets of an educational institution, for the library reflects the heritage, excellence and culture of intellectual acumen of that institution. Though the library of our college is in its nascent stage, with the financial aid of the Government of West Bengal it has started flourishing remarkably and it will certainly emerge as an enviable pride of the college in the days to come. Presently, our library can boast of a wealth of 2160 books with the Departments of Bengali, English, History, Philosophy and Economics having 480, 213, 261, 340 and 126 books respectively. The Disciplines of Science of our college comprising Geology, Physics and Mathematics, have 133, 182 and 142 books respectively while the Department of Commerce has in its possession 141 books and the compulsory subject of Environmental Science, in spite of not having any separate department, features no less than 142 books. In order to cater to the intellectual needs of the students, the library provides reading room facilities twice a week- on Wednesday and Friday- in addition to department-wise regular schedule in the routine to issue books to them. Moreover, two computers have already been allotted for the students in the library so that they can avail internet facilities for the purpose of their studies at their easiest convenience. The college authority is determined to furnish the library with several other facilities and to provide the best and greatest imaginable access of the library to the students so that they can evince the Paradise there, to borrow the words of Jorge Luis Borges.